About R7SW

Named after their favourite ski run, Red7SkiWear was founded by two snow enthusiasts who wanted to provide ski wear which was not only optimised for comfort, but also style: what initially began as an idea for a Christmas present has now turned into a flagship product range. 

Combining their years in Sports Technology and Management, work began on the creation of the Red7 all-in-one ski suit in Summer 2015. After many months of product development, Red7 successfully launched their 2016/17 line of ski wear in October 2016. Developed using the latest technologies, the Red7 range aims to modernise the well-loved ski onesie - beacuse who didn't love a good retro all in one ski suit? - and provide wearers with great durability and comfort throughout the season. 

We are always eager to hear from you, so please contact us with your thoughts or Tweet us @Red7SkiWear 

Meet the Founders

Red7SkiWear All in One Ski Suit - About Us Naomi.png

Naomi, an avid skiier who has been powering down the slopes since she could walk, is our technical director and product guru. A true outdoors-woman Naomi's loves meeting new people, so make sure you say hi!

Red7SkiWear All in one Ski Suit- About Us Christie

Christie, our operations manager and visulisation master, has been right on Naomi's tail every since she taught her how to ski. She's even won a race or two! Not that Naomi would ever admit to it...


Founding Members

Most importantly, we couldn't have done any of this without our amazing backers on Kickstarter and now Founding Members of Red7SkiWear!



Like many startups in today's economy, we turned to the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter to bring our product to life. After a whirlwind of a campaign we were overwhelmed with the support and demand for our product. We surpassed our target goal - more than doubling our target figure - and have begun mass production of our suits. Feel free to check out our project page, as well as the awesome video from Kyle Meyr!

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