CG1 all-in-one ski suit

the perfect mountain suit.

The Red7 CG1 Ski Suit is the perfect outer wear for all your ski and snowboarding activities; providing more stretch and warmth than its hardshell rivals, and avoiding the bulk and discomfort of wearing padded suits. 

The CG1 all-in-one snow suit has been meticulously designed to allow you to layer up underneath in the cooler winter months, whilst still being ventilated during the spring. Featuring a 3-layer soft-shell fabric with a stretch TPU membrane - because environmentally damaging chemicals aren't our thing - the suit is elastic, breathable, and waterproof, offering optimal temperature regulation for any activity, or condition. So switch out your jacket and pants, the ski onesie is back!

Waterproof One Piece Ski Suit
One Piece Ski Suit Waterproof Ventilation Zips
One Piece Ski Suit includes Unique Straps
One Piece Ski Suit Ski Pass Pockets
One Piece Ski Suit made from Soft Shell material
One Piece Ski Suit + Recco avalanche reflectors