CG1 All-in-one Ski Suit - Black

CG1 All-in-one Ski Suit - Black



The CG1 all-in-one ski suit is the most technical suit of its kind, with:

  • 4-way stretch soft-shell material 

  • Unique internal straps

  • Waterproof to 15,000mm

  • Water resistant zips

  • Adjustable helmet hood

  • RECCO receivers

  • 8 pockets including pass pocket 

  • Under arm/inner leg ventilation 

  • Adjustable cuffs

  • Elasticated anti-slip gaiter

Colour: Black/Red

Unisex sizing: XXS - XL

(see size guide below)

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+ Size Guide

The CG1 all-in-one snow suits come in a range of sizes between XXS-XL. Please find below a size chart to help you select your suit.

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The Red7 CG1 Ski Suit is the perfect outer wear for all your ski and snowboarding activities; providing more stretch and warmth than its hardshell rivals, and avoiding the bulk and discomfort of wearing padded suits.

The CG1 has been meticulously designed to allow you to layer up underneath in the cooler winter months, whilst still being ventilated during the spring. Featuring a 3-layer soft-shell fabric with a stretch TPU membrane, the suit is elastic, breathable, and waterproof, offering optimal temperature regulation for any activity, or condition.

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+ Recco

Your safety on the mountain is important to us. We are therefore proud to include RECCO® Technologies in our suits. Attached within the hood and lower leg of our CG1 all-in-one, the RECCO® reflector makes you searchable to 700+ rescue organisations worldwide.

Please note, the RECCO® receiver is not a substitute for a transceiver, but does increase the chance of being found.

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+ Good to Know

Rather than coating our material in environmentally harmful chemicals, our CG1 all-in-one ski suit is manufactured from a waterproof bonded material. Just as waterproof, but better for the environment.

+ Care Instructions

Recommended wash on a gentle 30℃ cycle. Hang dry, do not tumble dry.

Although not required for the maintenance of waterproofness, we recommended washing your suit with a technical fabric wash to protect the qualities of the fabric.

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Items may be returned within 30 days of the purchase. Items must be returned in original packaging in an unworn condition, with any product labelling intact. Full details of our returns policy can be found here.