Are One Piece Ski Suits in Style?

Are one piece ski suits in style - Red7SkiWear

As a ski wear brand touting the return of the all-in-one ski suit, we are often asked if the much-loved snow suits are making a comeback. The answer (as biased as we may be), yes! 

With the likes of Victoria Beckham seen sporting a one piece snow suit,  don't just take our word for it though. One trip to Tignes, Verbier, or Whistler and you will undoubtably find yourself alongside someone in a skiing onesie.

Not just a style statement - because who didn't think that the 80s retro ski suit was cool (!?) - more and more people are returning to the comfort and freedom a one piece suit provides: until the first time you glide down a mountain in an all-in-one its hard to portray the freedom and comfort you feel wearing a full suit - it's exhilarating.

We are aware that moving to a one piece snow suit is a mind-set change from picking your colour blocked jacket and pants combo.  But once away from the toilet question (ladies, we have perfected the technique and now have this down to less than 5 seconds) people are falling in love with the benefits of wearing an all-in-one. With no snow skirts or belts and fasteners to deal with, you can simply step in and out of your outfit; and with our internal strap design, you'll never leave your jacket at the après bar again! 

Finally, remember,  there are some places which snow shouldn’t go!